Hennepin West Paving, Minneapolis, MN
Hennepin West Paving, Minneapolis, MN


One of the great debates in the paving industry centers on the question; which is the better paving surface: concrete or asphalt. Each side in the debate has compelling reasons why their surface choice is the best:

  • Concrete is hard, while Asphalt is flexible.
  • Concrete is more durable, while Asphalt costs less.
  • Concrete is more expensive and labor intensive to install, while Asphalt is more affordable.
  • Concrete reflects heat, Asphalt absorbs it.
  • Concrete can be colored and stamped with attractive designs, Asphalt can only be painted.

So which do you choose: A concrete paving company, or an asphalt paving company?

Hennepin West Paving & Concrete settles the matter by being one of the few paving companies to offer BOTH concrete and asphalt, thus allowing our customers the luxury of choosing for themselves. And no matter which surface you choose, you can be assured that Hennepin West Paving & Concrete uses the best quality material available, and then installs it with our quintessential craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It does not matter to us whether you choose asphalt or concrete. We can easily tell you the positives and negatives of each for the project you have at hand, and we are experts at working with both concrete and asphalt. The only thing we are concerned with is your satisfaction.

The bottom line is, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers free consultations and estimates on both concrete and asphalt paving projects, and not many paving contractors can do that.

Please call 763-498-8624 or email for a free quote!

Important Information

Certain care must now be taken that your new driveway has been intalled. Read the Care and Maintenance of Your New Asphalt Driveway page.