You can easily spot Hennepin West Paving & Concrete steps and sidewalks because of our attention to detail!vMany contractors can pour concrete, but few can finish it the way our craftsmen at Hennepin West Paving & Concrete can.

We install long-lasting, beautifully finished concrete steps and stairways. Our master craftsmen make sure all risers are uniform in height to fit your personal needs. The size, shape, color and texture design is up to you, and we have it all available.

Sidewalks can be the welcoming touch to your home or a relaxing path through a garden. Whichever it may be there are many design options including color, texture and shape for sidewalks as well. Colored and stamped concrete is one of our specialties at Hennepin West Paving & Concrete, and we would be more than happy to show you examples of our work.

Our knowledgeable professionals can help design your concrete steps or sidewalk to compliment the aesthetics of your home. Call us today and schedule a free consultation and estimate from one of our experts.

Please call 763-498-8624 or email for a free quote!