A properly designed and skillfully installed asphalt driveway is the finishing touch to a beautiful home. The rich black color of new asphalt takes the colors of the landscaping to a new level, leading the viewer’s eye to your home, and giving it tremendous curb appeal!

At Hennepin West Paving & Concrete, “No two driveways are alike!” And we approach each one as if it were the most important project we have ever been involved with. We believe your driveway should compliment your entrance, while at the same time taking into account the drainage of your property and the type of soil it will rest on.

In addition, Minnesota weather is about extremes, with our temperatures varying 120 to 130 degrees from the heat of summer to the cold of winter. A temperature variance like that requires an asphalt mixture and installation techniques that we, at Hennepin West Paving & Concrete, have perfected in our vast experience. This guarantees you a driveway that both looks good and provides the rugged durability it needs to survive our climate and serve you for years to come.

But not every driveway needs to be a new driveway! In many cases we have saved property owners thousands of dollars by patching and repairing an already existing driveway. Whether your driveway needs to repaired or replaced is a decision we will help you make through professional examination and evaluation. Our goal is to offer you the most cost effective way to meet your needs and desires. Whichever way you choose to proceed, we will see that your asphalt driveway is completed on time, with a minimal amount of inconvenience and always within your budget!

So feel free to draw on our vast experience and give us a call to schedule an appointment for a FREE analysis, consultation, and cost estimate - you’ll be glad you did!

Please call 763-498-8624 or email for a free quote!